Paul McAdam

Paul McAdam grew up in St Catharine’s and Ottawa Canada. He studied law at college and psychology at university. After working for several years in his field he decided to move to Indonesia and teach English to give Indonesian students the chance to get a higher education and a better future. Before arriving in Indonesia, Paul obtained his TESOL teaching certificate. As of today he has taught English for 10 years and also has been the manager of a language school (Studyworld in Semarang, Indonesia for 3 years). He has also taught many business professionals, been a university lecturer, taught at a national plus high school (3 years) and taught all levels of English including TOEFL/IELTS. He has also worked as the Senior English Editor for Erlangga Publishing in Jakarta,

Paul knows that communication in English is very important to the success of Indonesian companies doing business with foreign businesses and people. Paul believes that Indonesia is a great country that can become even more successful as a place to do business and he wants to help both domestic and foreign companies investing in Indonesia and future ones.

Paul is a very friendly, outgoing, reliable and professional person who always does his best and really cares about the results. His hobbies include traveling, fitness, watching movies, reading and using the internet.

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