Mohsin Behbehani

Behbehani is from Australia and has a degree in Marketing along with a diploma in Commercial Shipping. After completing his studies he went to work for a shipping company located in Australia and Singapore. To further his career he decided to work in Singapore as a Business Development Manager following a holistic approach focusing on being culturally sensitive. Mohsin then moved to Kuwait to work in the aviation industry as an operations and marketing manager. He then wanted to further expand his horizons and moved to Indonesia. Currently he is working as an English lecturer specializing in commercial and business English for many high level business people and companies.

Mohsin has also had the excellent opportunity in his jobs to be posted in other countries including India, Pakistan, Dubai and Iran. He is fluent in spoken Hindi, Farsi, Burmese, Urdu and is familiar with Arabic.

Mohsin is very interested in helping Indonesian businesses expand their exports to the very large markets of India, Pakistan and the Middle East. He can also help companies expand their businesses from those areas into Indonesia and/or help new companies who are interested in the lucrative market located here.

He has a lot of experience in business forecasting, designing and implementing budgets and using information systems for better business communication.

Moshin loves traveling and has been all over the world. He also likes reading, boxing and watching rugby.

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