Eugene Knight

Eugene Knight (Ted) spent most of his childhood and early adult life in London, England. During that time he joined the Royal Air Force and spent his service life traveling to many foreign shores of which theĀ  most notable of these being the two and a half years posting on the island of Cyprus on the sunny Mediterranean.

In August 1983 he emigrated with this family to Brisbane, Australia seeking a better future for his family. There he was able to continue his IT career which he started with Prime Computer UK and on to Prime Computer Australia.

He then ventured into Indonesia firstly as the Country Manager then later as the Distributor for Computervision (previously Prime). His love for Indonesia and the people led him to teaching where he felt he had more to offer. Ted has gained a lot of experience in the teaching profession not only in the General English Language area but also in educating children, teenagers and adults. He specializes in teaching students and adults wishing to further their university education overseas with IELTS and TOEFL preparation as well as EAP (English for Academic Purposes). He also has taught many Business and Presentation classes in the main to corporate customers for the DPR/MPR, Pertamina, Bursa Efek, and Total among others.

Ted understands the need for people in Indonesia to learn English as it is a stepping stone to the future, especially for the younger generation. As a part of the English Solutions team he is committed to making it happen for those who share this vision.

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