Douglas Shaw

Douglas Shaw is an American ESL teacher (English as a Second Language) who has been living in Indonesia for the past 9 years. He is a dedicated teacher who truly cares about each and every student he teaches. Douglas has taught all ages and levels of English and really enjoys being active in the classroom. He is certified to teach TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, IBT along with Business English. He has also taught a wide range of people and companies including LG Phillips, PLN, Bank Niaga and medical personnel (nurses/doctors) among others.

During his time in Indonesia Douglas has become a teacher who always strives to do the best that he can. Teaching is not just a job for him it is a profession that is for his life. He has been blessed to be able to teach all ages and understand his student’s goals and needs in English and everyday life. His many students have nicknamed him “Mr. Bean” for the way he teaches and enjoys his classes.

His motto is …. If you believe you can then you can but if you believe you cannot then you cannot.

Douglas is married to a lovely Indonesian woman and wants to live in Indonesia for a very long time. My hobbies are reading books and writing teaching material.

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