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Eko Mulyani

Eko Mulyani grew up in Magelang, Indonesia which is the home of the very famous Borobudur Temple. She received a full scholarship to study Industrial Technology at the prestigious President University which uses English in all its classes.

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Yohanna Taufan

Yohanna Taufan was born in Lombok and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has spoken English since childhood and has a natural ability with languages. This led her to study Japanese at university where she learned about the language and culture of this incredible country.

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Rani is from Central Java and grew up near Jakarta. She studied to be a chemical analyst and worked in the field until she realized that communication was an important key to her success. She then studied Public Relations at President University in Cikarang, near the head office of English Solutions.

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Franky Moris H Hutapea

Franky Moris H Hutapea was born in Medan, Indonesia. He studied Industrial Engineering at the prestigious University of Indonesia and during his time there he achieved many awards in math and physics. He also worked as lecturer’s assistant and graduated in the top five of his department.

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Ken Robert Olave

Ken Robert Olave is from Chile and has a degree in Computer Science focusing on programming and analyzing information. After university he worked in his field for several years and then decided to travel the world. He is now living in Indonesia where he is working as an English teacher.

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Mohsin Behbehani

Behbehani is from Australia and has a degree in Marketing along with a diploma in Commercial Shipping. After completing his studies he went to work for a shipping company located in Australia and Singapore. To further his career he decided to work in Singapore as a Business Development Manager following a holistic approach focusing on being culturally sensitive.

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