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English In House Training

Our specialized teachers will provide interactive lessons for your staff to ensure that they can communicate effectively in English in the shortest time possible. Our teachers will focus on speaking, listening, reading comprehension, and writing to help your employees get the best English training available. We only use internationally recognized business books along with interesting supplementary materials.

Why is it important for your company to study English?

  • Learning English will give your company access to the very profitable markets of the global economy. Most foreign companies communicate in the International Language of Business and Communication, which is English.
  • Your marketing staff will be able to communicate effectively with your customers around the world thereby increasing your sales and profit considerably.
  • It will increase your professionalism and show your customers and competitors that you know the importance of educating your staff to be able to communicate on a “day to day” basis in English.
  • Your technical staff will be able to operate and service your machinery and other technical equipment to their required specifications thereby saving a lot of time and money. These people will be able to communicate with their counterparts from around the world much easier, which will also increase their productivity.

How can your company find out more about our training courses?
We can set up a free consultation at your convenience to meet our marketing staff and one of our professional western representatives at your office. During this meeting we will give your company more information about what we can offer and show you that we are a very professional company that truly cares about the goals and results of what you want to achieve by taking our courses.

How can your company find out the English ability of your staff?
In order to create the best English courses for your company, it’s very important to do an assessment of the participants so that they can be placed in the right level of ability.

English Solutions always gives a comprehensive FREE Written and Speaking Test with no obligation.

Our staff will then discuss with you about the most cost effective program for your company based on these results.

We truly believe in our company and always do our best for our customers.

When can your company take our training courses?
We offer our courses Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and can also provide classes on Saturdays.

What kind of material will your staff study?
English Solutions uses only International Professional Business and General English books from Longman and Oxford. They are very well known worldwide for their interesting and comprehensive materials. Our teachers will also use supplementary resources depending on the goals of your staff in upgrading their English ability.

What will the classes be like?
Our teachers have many years of experience and will do their best to make every class interesting, challenging and very productive. This is very important in order for your staff to feel comfortable and want to learn as quickly as possible. We will also help build their confidence in speaking English through communication activities (presentations, giving reports and other activities). Our teachers will focus on writing, listening, reading and vocabulary in order for our staff to get the best English training available. We can also teach additional courses and vocabulary based on how our customers want to supplement their learning.

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